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Little Jimmy was was not doing very well at all in his math class. Despite many attempts his parents could find nothing that would motivate him to study.

Exhausting all other hope they decided to take Jimmy and enroll him in Catholic school.

Beginning even the first day, little Jimmy immediately went to his room and started studying.  His mother is shocked and of course excited that he is going straight to do his homework rather than playing outside.

As soon as he is done eating dinner, it is right back to studying. His mother can hardly believe it. What a dramatic turn around. Of course she expects that after a few days he would go back to his old ways. But he doesn't. Each day he seems to study harder than the day before. It is almost as if he doesn't even play anymore and instead just focuses all his effort on studying math.

After several months it is time for Jimmy to show his report card. He walks in and lays the report card on the table and then immediately runs up to his room to study more. Jimmy's mom opens the report card and sees he got an A in math. Wow! Even though he had been studying so much, it still came as a suprise considering all the trouble he had before.

Jimmy's mom is now determined to find out exactly why he has changed so much.  She walks to his room and says, Son, what caused you to start studying so hard in math? Was it the Catholic nuns?

Little Jimmy looks down for a second then back up at her and shakes his head no.

"Was it the extra discipline or do you just like your new school better? Why are you studying so hard now when you didn't before?", she asked.

Little Jimmy looks up and says, Well, when I showed up on that first day, seeing  that poor guy nailed to the plus sign, I knew they weren't fooling around.

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