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Two men are sitting in a bar. Both are getting very drunk. Without warning one of the men throws up all over himself.
The man says "Unbelievable! My wife is going to kill me!".

The other guy at the bar says "Hey man, no worries. All you need to do is put a $10 bill in your shirt pocket. Then when your wife asks what happened just tell her that a guy threw up on you and he gave you $10 to pay for the cleaning".

The men, happy with their plan, decide to stay and have even more drinks.

Eventually the man slides off the bar stoll and heads home. Of course his wife picks up on his drunken state and horrible appearance.

"You smell of booze and you've puked up all over yourself, you are soooo disgusting!", the woman shouts.

Trying carefully not to slur his speech the man says, "Honey. It's not what it looks like. I only had one drink, but this guy threw up all over me. The bum had obviously drank a few too many. He did say he was sorry, and he gave me ten dollars so I could take care of the cleaning bill. Just check out my shirt pocket."

The woman reaches into his shirt pocket and says, "But this is twenty dollars, not ten".

"Oh I forgot." says the man. "The man was so drunk he also pissed my trousers too".

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